Office Admin & Legal - Ottawa

MaxSys is seeking three (3) Senior Admin Assistants. Functionla in French and valid Reliability clearance.
Must meet the Minimum Mandatory Qualifications as per THS, Annex “A”, Requirement- . (Available on the THS website
Activities/Responsibilities include:
·          Provides administrative services such as directs enquiries, mail, or issues to the appropriate areafor resolution.
·          Coordinates and controls administrative support services for projects and initiatives,establish schedules, monitor progress, and provides a central source ofinformation.
·          Prepares and tracks documentation related to human resources, finance and administrationprocesses.
·          Coordinates and participates in various meetings and drafts and preparesminutes.
·          Organizes and maintains the manager or executive’s agenda, meetings, conferences, andtravel schedules.
·          Examines and reviews correspondence for management’s signature and drafts routinecorrespondence.
Plans, organizes, and attends various meetings. Assembles and distributes agendas, prepares and distributes pre-session information, reserves rooms and equipment, prepares and distributes and follows-up to ensure that issues raised are addressed in a timely manner. Deadlines are imposed and guidance is available from management, however the incumbent must use own discretion to coordinate the activities.
·          Plans, organizes, and maintains the manager or executive’s agenda, meetings, conferences, and travel schedules.
·          Organizes travel itineraries, requests travel advances if required, and makes travel arrangements and ensures the arrangements are timely for internalclients.
·          Plans the flow of administrative activities by anticipating scheduled delivery and pick up times for correspondence and mail; distributing requests and discussing issues when received, determining a reasonable response time, and confirming the due dates; recognizing peak periods in work flowand designing administrative changes to address them; determining the manager or executive’s work requirements and prioritizing own work to meet theirrequirements.
·          Plans the office’s budgetary process by noting lead times, requesting and obtaining information in advance of due dates, allowing time for follow-up if documentation is inconsistent or incomplete, searching for errors or omissions and correcting or clarifying with originators, and organizing and producing the information in a predetermined format within establisheddeadlines.
·          Prepares and inputs monthly financial reports for the office. Collects information in advance of the reporting due date, verifies figures, resolves problems, inputs into electronic databases andsystems, and produces reports according to a predeterminedschedule.
·          Coordinates the gathering of documents related to human resources, financial, oradministrative requests. This involves establishing a BF schedule for document submission. Follows up when documents aremissing.
·          Plans and prioritizes own workload within established priorities andguidelines.
·          Responsible for the physical security and protection of sensitive materials, reports and documents, determining what policies and procedures apply and ensuring they arefollowed.
·          Review correspondence documents and attachments for the management’s signature with respect to travel and O&M to ensure they are within approved limits according to departmental policies, procedures, and directives. Ensures documents are compliant with departmental policies and procedures and returns them to the originator when necessary. Guidance is available frommanagement in complexsituations.
·          Analyses and forecasts the financial requirements for the manager or executive’s office and monitors the financial control systems. This includes analysing current and historical data to determine requirements, allocating salaries and operating capital; preparing free-balance variation reports; recommending the reallocation of funds; advising on funding pressures. There is considerablelatitude in the implementation of these activities, but they must follow established guidelines andprocedures.
·          Communicates with other CBSA resources to coordinate requests for Goods or Services Requirements.
If your CV can demonstrate all of the above please contact Pamela:
Please Note that Only Qualified resources will be contacted.

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline May 26, 2017
Experience Required 1 year
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required High School