Office Admin & Legal - Ottawa

?MaxSys Staffing is seeking a bilingual, advanced Administrative Assistant with valid Reliability security clearance.
MultiTrans PRISM FLOW MultiTrans PRISM FLOW 
 A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience isrequired
Minimum of one (1) year of relevant experience with the federalgovernment
1.       plan and maintain production schedules for publications and other texts, in consultation withthe Supervisor, Correspondence and QualityControl;
2.       initiate the editing and translation by other editors of articles, handbooks, manuals,website content and other texts, and clarify details with clients asneeded;
3.       coordinate the activities of othereditors;
4.       keep a database of editing and translation requests (MultiTrans PRISM FLOW) up to dateto ensure deadlines are met, and follow up whennecessary;
5.       assist the Supervisor, Correspondence and Quality Control with the generation ofstatistical reports;
6.       provide administrative services to the Unit or Branch, onoccasion.
The resource will be required to use MultiTrans PRISM FLOW to manage and track the workload of three internal writer-editors and 20–25 external service providers.
The resource will be required to communicate with external service providers by telephone and e- mail, as they do not currently have direct access to MultiTrans PRISM FLOW.
If you can meet all of the above requirements and can demonstrate them in your CV, please email Pamela:
Please note that ONLY qualified resources will be contacted.

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline April 29, 2017
Experience Required 5+ years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required High School