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MaxSys is currently looking for an Advanced Project Administrator for our Federal Client.
1. Must have a minimum of five consecutive years of project administration experience and capable of managing schedules, arrange assignments with proven ability to implement procedures and processes while keeping apprise all team members and senior officials.  Must show they have planned, directed and managed designated very high dollar value projects.
2. Must have experience in managing IT projects ($1.5M and over) in the federal government within the last 5 years and in project management whereby conducting periodic project gate reviews, manage integrated project plans, schedules and budget while providing timely communication of project milestones, status reporting and risk reports.  Capable of applying quality management principles in the execution of the project to meet quality requirements within the project time line.
3. Must have solid project management skills, capable of leading and motivating multi-disciplinary individuals while ensuring that objectives are accomplished in accordance with the outlined priorities.  Must have thorough knowledge of MS Project and Excel.  Knowledge of MS Share Point would be an asset.
4. Must have hands-on experience with flowcharts, technical documentation and schedules and solid organization and time-management skills and be able to develop a communication strategy that would identify the communication methods, audience, key communication messages and the various points in the project by preparing and delivering project management presentations to senior management and develop an executive project dashboard outlining progress, budget trend, risks and issues.
5. Ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders to ensure objective alignment and ensure that key deliverables are delivered on time and develop a communication plan for the project and ensure stakeholders, clients and senior officials are informed through the various phases of the project.

• To manage from start to finish the entire project of using an already developed Share Point Lessons Learned System (SPLLS) from another DND entity and amend/modify and tailor it to ADM(Mat)’s requirements.  The existing organization’s SPLLS is deemed to be meeting 60% of the ADM(Mat)’s requirement . 
• Develop a complete governance structure (roles, responsibilities, instruction manual, directives, etc), and develop a bilingual training course to then provide it to ADM(Mat) personnel. 
• The main objective is two-fold by having an ADM(Mat) LL process, founded on a five step process (see Figure – 1), that MUST be completed by mid-March 2019 in order to have a fully operational and rolled-out Share Point (SP) LL system by early July 2019 using an existent Share Point system. (It will require some tweaking and adjustments by modifying already existent tools and by incorporating additional forms and templates).  First in proceeding in a gap analysis, then an option analysis to then move to the implementation phase.
Secondly, ensure the review and completeness of the draft Materiel Group Instruction (MGI) manual on LL, in collaboration with QETE’s TQM team and the Knowledge Management Oversight Committee, by ensuring completion and/or re-write/edit all other related documentation, developing flowcharts, a governance structure that includes a resolution plan – having in place a mechanism to manage issues that extend beyond ADM(Mat)’s boundaries.  Finally, develop a bilingual training package and facilitating it while setting up the logistics of the roll-out event on or before early July 2019.
The project manager will be provided resources (computer specialist in Share Point, Technical writers and an administrative assistant) to help achieve the early July 2019 end state.  As well, monitor project progress and address potential issues. 
• To define a governance structure identifying the combination of individuals filling executive and management roles (develop an organizational chart), program oversight functions all organized into structures, and policies that define management principles and decision making. Therefore, develop a governance structure including a resolution plan that guides on resolving conflicts that may appear along the LL process and clearly setting out roles/responsibilities and authorities of every player at every step of the LL process.
• In collaboration with project team members, confirm and tighten up project team’s level of effort to confirm and create an implementation plan and schedule to meet the non-negotiable early July 2019 objective.
• Engage various ADM(Mat) stakeholders, Tiger Teams, etc in getting their buy-ins before implementing the fully operational SP LL System. 
• Seek validation of already created Lessons Learned Topic List (LLTL) through proper channels to confirm ADM(Mat)’s priorities.  (This is a document from which all activities under ADM(Mat) will develop LL collection plans (LLCP). 
• Ensure and oversee that a bilingual Share Point Lessons Learned training package (course and course material) has been developed for delivery in July and August 2019.
• Develop a two month schedule/calendar of bilingual courses (July – August).  Ensure that proper individuals are identified and ready to give the courses and collect attendance sheet and feedback of the course to write a report on participants’ feedback and overhaul percentage trained to date.
• Take care of the logistics, from registration, booking boardrooms according to your schedule and provide the training (July and August 2019) to ensure that participants are able and capable of using the SPLLS after completion of the course.  It is expected that you will work closely with the Canadian Forces Warfare Centre (CFWC) to produce and implement the training activity.
• Provide a communication plan and ideas to promote the event.  Working with the Communication Branch, ask the unit Communications contact to promote on ADM(Mat) communication page as we get closer to the event date.
• You will be required to work closely with ADM(Mat)’s office personnel to coordinate the event and the timing.  Ensure that ADM(Mat) and DGs are available on set date (sometime early July 2019).  Secure a location, required equipment (microphones, speakers, music, etc), hospitality (normally coffee and donuts). 
• Develop a ½ day event detailing the venue and set it up. The event is to officially roll-out the ADM(Mat) SPLLS and perform a live demonstration.

Language: Bilingual – Intermediate (Asset)
Security Clearance: Secret Level
If you meet all the above requirements, please send your resume today to Andrew Valencia at: 
*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline July 31, 2018
Experience Required 5+ years
Job Duration 1 year
Education Required N/A