Professional Consulting - Ottawa

Classification: Special Advisor
Clearance Level: Secret
Language: Unilingual
Start Date: December 18th, 2017 to November 16th, 2018
Length of Contract: Approx. 48 Weeks

– Secondary school diploma
– A certificate, diploma or degree in the relevant undergraduate field from a recognized post-secondary institution

– Ten (10) years’ experience within the past Fifteen (15) years, with at least five (5) years’ experience with the federal government, managing and directing Project Management teams for the implementation of capital equipment projects including experience in successfully applying Government of Canada project staffing processes and procedures for projects valued at $100M or more.
– Experience with the development and implementation of Major Capital Services contracts valued at $100M or more, including the Government of Canada staffing procedures and Procurement Strategy processes.
– Must clearly demonstrate the ability to produce project documentation in accordance with Government of Canada project approval processes. Project documentation includes but not limited to: Business Case Analysis, Statement of Work, Project Brief, Project Charter, Contract Data Requirements List Data Item Descriptions, Project Management Plan, Bid Evaluation Plan, Requisition, Synopsis Sheet for Minor Capital Projects, Spending Authority form, Investment Plan Change Proposal, Project Complexity and Risk Analysis and Personnel, Research/Development, Infrastructure, Concepts, IM/IT, Equipment (PRICIE).
– Must clearly demonstrate experience and the ability to present to senior leadership including the Senior Review Board, Project Management Board, and Independent Review Panel for Acquisition, Director General Governance Committee, and Treasury Board.
– Must clearly demonstrate strong organizational and communication (written and oral) skills, the ability to work as a member of a team and have demonstrated broad leadership and personnel management experience.
– Planning and coordinating project management activities including financial, planning and contracting for the Future Aircrew Training Services contract;
– Planning and organizing a project management office;
– Planning and coordinating the activities of project personnel, internal customers, contractors and other support providers;
– Preparing formal work breakdown structure and compliance charts;
– Preparing draft evaluation plans, criteria and evaluation schedules;
– Develop, plan, analyze, evaluate and prioritize deliverables and requirements;
– Determining and obtaining budgetary requirements, composition, roles, responsibilities and terms of reference for the team;
– Planning, directing and controlling the activities of a project team within scheduled time and cost parameters;
– Monitoring the design, implementation and operations start-up of the project against established goals, objectives and milestones;
– Meeting with stakeholders and other project managers and stating problems in a form capable of being solved;
– Preparing plans/charts/tables/diagrams to analyze or display problems;
– Formulating and managing project plans by defining deliverables, identifying key milestones, reviewing project progress, and engaging in risk management;
– Coordinate and direct project team(s) to meet project objectives for content, quality, costs, and schedules;
– Developing project control and reporting procedures and managing changes in operational plan;
– Assuming leadership at the appropriate phases of planning, action, and evaluation;

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Position Type Contract
Application Deadline December 11, 2017
Experience Required 10+ years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required College Diploma