Information Technology - Ottawa

?MaxSys is seeking a Senior CAS.  Unilingual position.  Must have a valid Reliabiilty Clearance.
1.   Must clearly demonstrate3 years’ experience within the past5 years with web application development.
2.   Must clearly demonstrate3 years’ experience within the past5 years with projects that involve ASP.NET and SQL Server development.
3. Must clearly demonstrate3 years’ experience within the past5 years with Microsoft Visual
3.   Must clearly demonstrate1 years’ experience within the past5 years of providing supporting documentation for web applications.

·        Develop 4 related web applications using ASP.NET and SQL Server Databases to replicate the current dynamic features found (Browse Jobs,Find a Recruiter,Canadian Forces Recruiting Survey (CFRS),How well do you know your forces quiz).
·        The applications would be built in such a way as to accommodate a development and live server environment.
·        Each application will need to support web-based updates (add, modify, delete specific data or entire records) by authorized users and offer reporting capabilities to assist in evaluating the responses in both the survey and quiz components.
·        Sufficient technical and training documentation should be provided to assist users in supporting the use of these tools. They should also outline the core functions of the applications, the server settings and permissions required, and any foreseeable issues with upgrades to hardware/platforms.
·        Train users on the features and steps in using the system.
·        Ensure proper testing and controls are in place to deliver project on time and on budget.Ensure that the final product conforms to the Government of CanadaStandard on Web Interoperability,Standard on Web Usability andStandard on Web Accessibility
If your CV can demonstrate all of the above, please contact Pamela:
Please Note that only qualified resources wil be contacted.

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline April 28, 2017
Experience Required 3 years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required College Diploma