Trades & Technical - Moncton

Job Description

The job entails operating .ftp software to ensure half hour MP3 programs are downloaded properly and aired on a daily basis. Then they  are loaded in radio automation software. The successful candidate must ensure the transmitters at the eight sites are connected at all times and maintained properly. This entails monitoring the sites on a regular basis to make sure the transmitters’ ventilation is flowing properly, temperature and humidity levels are kept at a constant level in the shelters. Web sites and social media must be updated when required. The person will be responsible for resolving computer problems, configuring technology equipment, ensuring the music database is up to date, systems operations, maintaining computers and transmitters to prevent breakdowns.

• Ensure audio feeds to towers are connected at all times
• Check to see the downloads of the news, traffic, and weather reports starting from 7 AM each weekday have occurred successfully 
• Be sure the programs are being downloaded and aired at their correct times
• Download Bible programs from .ftp sites prior for the forthcoming broadcasts
• Download daily one minute devotional .mp3s of the following week
• Ensure commercials are scheduled to air at selected times
• Oversee encoding, streaming software
• Check to see that the audio loggers are functioning
• Ensure all computers are being backed up and functioning properly as a network
• Update websites and social media
• Site visits for each of the eight transmitters is required to check on air-conditioners in the summer, and heaters in the winter.
• Maintain an emergency toolbox with a soundboard, the necessary audio cables for replacements, a pair of binoculars to inspect the antennas, headphones, etc.
Check from home to be sure everything is operating and then regular work hours (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and on call as needed
PC Bench Technician
Network+ Support Technician
Windows 10 Configuration
We need someone who is familiar with audio equipment and can demonstrate competency in the following software and programs:
• STORQ radio automation
• Radio Spider
• Wordpress
• Shoutcast
• Abyss Media
• Audacity
• Acronis
• Log Me In
• A vehicle and valid drivers license
• A smart phone with a data plan
• Ability to meet deadlines and be flexible
• Must be able to multitask and prioritize
• Analytical with the ability to solve complex technical problems
• Must own a laptop
• Ability to plan and coordinate multiple projects
• Strong background in both Computer Hardware and Software
• Must have a passion for learning new technology and a “Can Do” attitude
• Must be detail oriented and have a strong sense of responsibility
• Must be willing to work outside normal business hours and provide on call support
• Experience managing server backups, server updates and virus protection
• IT Asset Management 
• Monitor and maintain Virus Protection
• Additional duties or responsibilities as required by the President
• Excellent analytical, problem solving, troubleshooting skills

* This position is open to Canadian residents only

Position Type
Application Deadline March 31, 2019
Experience Required 1 year
Job Duration Permanent
Education Required N/A