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?MaxSys Staffing is currently looking for Dishwashers for Hotel Industry.
Dishwashers are required to clean pans, pots, dishes, and other elements used in a kitchen or restaurant. They need to operate the dishwashing machine or wash dishes by hand, and maintain the entire kitchen clean. These workers scrape, sort, and stack dirty dishes, load them into the dishwashing machine and then add soap to turn it on. Once the cleaning operation is complete, they unload the dishes and put them in their places to be reused again.

Dishwashers usually perform many of the following tasks: • Transferring equipment from storage areas to work stations. • Cleaning the floor and walls. • Offering help to cooking staff. • Maintaining stock supply of food. • Operating dishwasher machines. Skills. • Having interpersonal skills. • Being proactive. • Having good eye-hand coordination. • Being able to make repeated movements of hands. • Having knowledge about dishwashing machines. • Having high attention to details. • Being able to work for long hours. • Having math skills. • Having good communication skills. Education There are no specific academic requirements to be a Dishwasher. Applicants need to have some suitable skills required for this business such as customer service knowledge, good communication skills, and basic knowledge about government regulations of health and food service. Some employers require candidates having work experience in the area, including food preparation and kitchen maintenance among the most demanded requirements. Interested candidates may submit their resume to: for consideration or contact our office at 902.444.3305 for further information.

Position Type
Application Deadline October 6, 2017
Experience Required 6-12 months
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required N/A