Industrial Staffing - Halifax

MaxSys is recruiting for a client which operates a busy flour mill in Halifax. We are looking for dedicated hard working candidates to take on a variety or roles at the plant. Duties may include. – Stacker – This is usually where workers start. It’s extremely physically demanding as our workers are at the end of the production line catching 50lbs bags of flour and stacking them on the pallets. – Packer – Workers will advance to Packer where they actually fill the bags with flour and then run it through a stitching machine before sending it off to the stacker. – Mixer – Workers will then advance to Mixer. They will need to go through a bit more training for this role as they are responsible for combining all of the ingredients that make up the flour. – Workers must be able to work evenings or nights if necessary. They can also be put on any shift at any time as workers need to be cross trained. – Extremely dusty environment, this job not suitable for persons with allergies. – Must be able to climb and work at heights over 8 feet. – Must be willing to clean/sweep at all times, cleanliness is everyones responsibility at the plant. – Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Workers need to have – Steel Toed boots – Completion of Grade 12 or have GED – Ear plugs, hair nets (beard nets, if necessary) are mandatory (supplied by employer) – No Jewelry (including watches and wedding rings) To apply, please forward your resume to:

Position Type
Application Deadline October 20, 2017
Experience Required 6-12 months
Job Duration Permanent
Education Required N/A