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1.0 Objective
1.1 In order to meet operational requirements of the OSGG, it is necessary to obtain the services of a team of Staffing Consultants to provide support services to the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (OSGG).
2.0 Background
2.1 The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (OSGG) is a government agency that supports the Governor General in delivering her mandate and in fulfilling her constitutional, state, ceremonial and other traditional responsibilities.
2.2 The Office is also responsible for planning and implementing the Governor General’s program and the many activities she undertakes with, and on behalf of, Canadians in communities across the country and abroad, as well as with the Canadian Forces as Commander-in-Chief. These activities serve to recognize outstanding achievement and the pursuit of excellence by Canadians, and to foster national identity, unity and pride. They also promote Canadian values such as respect for diversity, community participation and public education.
2.3 The three Branches of the Office: Policy, Program and Protocol; the Chancellery of Honours; and Corporate Service, work together to support the Governor General in her role as the representative of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Canada and in carrying out her responsibilities
3.0 Requirement
3.1 The OSGG has an immediate requirement to staff between ten (10) to fifteen (15) positions under the following classifications:
• Program Administration (PM)
• Clerical (CR)
• Executive (EX)
• Administrative Services (AS)
• Information Services (IS)
• Computer Systems (CS)
• Economics and Social Science Services (EC)
with the possibility of other classification groups.
3.2 The OSGG is seeking support services to assist the hiring managers in the staffing processes from beginning to end and acting as the liaison between the hiring managers and the OSGG HR team.
3.3 Tasks
3.3.1 The following tasks will be required of the Contractor and its resources:
3.3.2 The team of resources will be tasked to perform staffing support services to the hiring managers that may include but not be limited to the following activities:
• Making recommendations on the staffing process type to be undertaken;
• Drafting and finalizing the statement of merit criteria;
• Developing, preparing and finalizing assessment tools, rating guides, for written exams and interviews;
• Assist in the screening and assessments of candidates, including the setting-up of written exams;
• Set-up and participate in the interviews;
• Completing the reference checks; and
• Under the guidance of the OSGG HR team, help to document the staffing action’s file for all candidates.
3.4 Deliverables
3.4.1 Deliverable will include but are not limited to:
• Finalizing the statement of merit criteria for each of the positions;
• Finalizing assessment tools, rating guides, for written exams and interviews;
• Finalize the staffing action’s file for all candidates, which will include the marked written exams, interview notes and reference checks.
3.4.2 All documentation must be in electronic format, MS Office Word.
3.5 Acceptance
3.5.1 The work will be reviewed and accepted by the respective hiring manager.
4.0 Constraints
4.1 The work of each of the Consultants must be in accordance with the latest Public Service Staffing policies and regulations as well as OSGG internal staffing policies and practices.
4.2 The hiring managers will maintain their delegated staffing authority and will provide the oversight of the proposed approach and tools developed by the Staffing Consultant (e.g. evaluation tools for competitions).
5.0 Travel
5.1 There is no travel associated with this requirement.
6.0 Language of Work
6.1 Work will be performed and delivered in both English and French.
7.0 Location of Work
7.1 The OSGG is located within the National Capital Region and the contractor’s proposed resources are required to work both on-site onsite at 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario and at the Contractors location.
Language: Bilingual
Security Clearance: Enhanced Level
If you meet all the above requirements, please send your resume today to Katherine Spallin at: 
*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*


Position Type Contract
Application Deadline March 29, 2019
Experience Required N/A
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required N/A