Professional Consulting - Ottawa

Classification:HR Staffing, Level 3
Start & End Date:Contract Award – March 31st 2020 plus two 1 year options to extend
Level of Effort:100 days/year
Location:National Capital Region (Offsite)
–    MUST have project experience within the federal government, working on a mandate directly with the human resources branch providing HR related advisory services.
The required services may include, but are not limited to the following:
–    Developing staffing and resourcing strategies;
–    Developing monitoring framework as well as implement and conduct the monitoring;
–    Providing manager with demographic information and assisting in developing strategies to meet HR needs;
–    Providing advice and guidance on different types of merit criteria/qualifications;
–    Providing advice on workforce and process pros and cons;
–    Identifying links with departmental Human Resources/Employment Equity/Business plans;
–    Providing advice on effectiveness of assessment instruments and assisting in development or choice of proper instruments;
–    Advising manager of organizational policy;
–    Assisting manager in appropriate sequencing and application of merit criteria;
–    Providing advice, guidance, and assistance on review of decision and impact of change, if any;
–    Creating departmental staffing report(s) including preparation, data gathering, interviews, and monitoring staffing report and various activities;
–    Performing activities pertaining to recourse, appeals, early intervention process, and alternative dispute resolutions for staffing purposes;
–    Extending job offers and establishing starting salaries;
–    Developing or assisting in developing strategies and plans (i.e. staffing or resourcing);
–    Developing monitoring framework and implementing and conducting the monitoring;
–    Developing and reviewing appointment sub-delegation instruments, the sub-delegation process and the supporting tools (i.e. tables, sub-delegation certificates);
–    Conducting environmental and statistical reviews;
–    Reviewing organizational needs and business needs to assist in the identification of the appropriate staffing strategy or plans (including links to other plans such as the Employment Equity and Diversity Plan and the Official Languages Plan);
–    Providing advice and recommendations in regards to addressing staffing and recruitment challenges considering organizational strategies and plans;
–    Developing and implementing recruitment and employment strategies;
–    Providing advice and recommendations in selecting the choice of appointment process;
–    Preparing and conducting recruitment and staffing processes on behalf of management. This may include any or any grouping of the following activities:
o   making recommendations on the staffing process type to be undertaken;
o   drafting and finalizing the statement of merit criteria;
o   developing and preparing the assessment guide, tools and process;
o   drafting and finalizing the advertisements;
o   coordinating and participating in the assessment of priorities, and the screening and assessments of candidates;
o   coordinating and administrating tests, interviews; coordinating and completing the reference check etc.; and
o   Compiling and preparing the final board reports and finalizing the results of the processes (such as establishing pools of candidates).
–    Planning, developing, coordinating and administrating various staffing and staffing related initiatives such as job fairs, collective staffing and targeted Recruitment initiatives;
–    Providing operational staffing services to a group of client managers;
–    Providing advice and guidance to managers on staffing investigations, audits and Public Service
–    Staffing Tribunal Complaints;
–    Developing staffing policies, guidelines, procedures, and tool;
–    Providing monitoring and reporting activities with respect to staffing within the organization or for central agencies;
–    Drafting staffing report(s) including the preparation, data and information gathering, interviews, drafting of documentation;
–    Developing information and learning sessions or events for managers, employees or staffing experts;
–    Reviewing employees’ or candidates’ qualifications to address redeployment or placement of personnel;
–    Developing a framework or process for pool management and coordinate the management of a pool;
–    Advising managers and employees on staffing policies and procedures; and
–    Providing mentoring, tutoring or coaching assistance.
If you meet all the above requirements, please send your resume today to Dominique Holst at:

*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline May 31, 2017
Experience Required 10+ years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required High School