Professional Consulting - Ottawa

Classification:Organizational Design & Classification, Level 3
Start & End Date:1 year
Level of Effort:120 days
Location:National Capital Region (Offsite)
–    MUST have received certification in the use of the Hay Plan, or a recognized classification accreditation.
–    MUST have developed a minimum of 10 Executive (EX) work descriptions within the environment of government Real Property management or government procurement.
–    MUST have five (5) years of experience in the writing, evaluation, and justification of EX work descriptions within the last 8 years.
–    Review and Update / Creation of new EX work description writing and evaluation, including Branch Heads/Assistant Deputy Minister positions, including attending/participating in consultation meetings with senior management to obtain information to develop/review work descriptions, analyzing background of existing work descriptions (e.g. relevance to the work, organizational chart comparison from old to current and understand the context of the positions) conducting classification research and analysis activities, conducting interviews to gather relevant information with identified relevant stakeholders (in person and/or teleconference).
–    Provide advice and guidance on organizational and classification issues.
–    Liaising with HRB as well as Senior Management within the Department. 
–    Development of EX work descriptions (review and update or creation of new positions), writing and/or evaluation, which will include Branch Heads/Assistant Deputy Minister positions. All work descriptions have to be written or developed using the Guide to Writing Work Descriptions for the Executive Group. Work descriptions must provide sufficient information for the evaluators to be able to appreciate complexities of the functions and challenges associated to the position and consequently, properly determine classification group and level of these positions.
–    Consulting existing organizational charts and work descriptions, organizational/departmental mandates and priorities.
If you meet all the above requirements, please send your resume today to Dominique Holst at: 
*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline May 31, 2017
Experience Required 10+ years
Job Duration 1 year
Education Required High School