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1.1.   Objective:
The Systems, Policy and Control Division (SPCD) has a small team of financial and mobility policy experts within the Financial and Mobility Policy Section (FMPS) under the Financial Administration Directorate (FAD), Finance and Administration Branch (FAB) of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The FMPS needs temporary help services (THS) to assist it to meet a temporary but significant workload increase for which there is an insufficient number of employees available to meet the requirement. The FMPS needs, in particular, the THS resource to address a significant shortfall in advanced level financial policy expertise to meet its 2017-2018 FMP commitments.
1.2.   Background:
 The FMPS supports the Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Commissioner (CFO/AC) and Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) by managing the suite of Financial and Mobility Policy Instruments (FMPIs) of the finance and administration function through the development and renewal of FMPIs and ensuring horizontality through broad outreach across Headquarters (HQ) and regional functions.
The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Finance and Administration Manual (FAM), posted on the CRA’s intranet, includes the full scope of the FMPIs. The FAM provides information to managers and other employees of the CRA on financial, mobility and administration policies and procedures and sets out the CRA’s requirements for financial visibility, accountability and control.
The FAM includes fifty-five (55) FMPIs directed to both Administered and Agency Activites as follows:
 Administered Activities (AA) – The section addresses the financial governance of assessed and collected tax revenues, refunds, rebates, other deductions and transfers from revenue. The policy instruments include among others:
·       security deposits for revenue transactions;
·       financial monitoring for Administered Activities; and
·       delegated financial signing authorities for Administered Activities.
Agency Activities – The section addresses the governance of the Agency’s non-tax revenues, expenditures, assets and liabilities. Such policy instruments include, among others:
·       events and hospitality;
·       delegated financial signing authorities for Agency Activities;
·       travel; and
·       relocation.While the CRA has the authority to maintain its’ own suite of FMPIs pursuant to Section 30 of the Canada Revenue Agency Act, it wishes to align, where possible with the direction of the Treasury Board (TB).
 The Financial Management Sector (FMS) of the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) within the Treasuary Board Secretariat (TBS) has embarked on the development of a renewed financial management policy suite to reduce the administrative burden generated by internal red tape and duplication of requirements. In 2013 the OCG initiated an in-depth review process to renew the financial management policy suite with the objective of developing a more principle-based policy suite that is simpler, clearer and more streamlined – 44 mandatory policy instruments with over 600 requirements will be rescinded and replaced with 1 policy and 6 directives with approximately 200 requirements.
The FMS policy instruments are currently awaiting TB approval and are expected to take effect April 1, 2017. 

Tasks include:
·       Benchmark CRA’s policies against Treasury Board (TB) Financial and Administration Policies and National Joint Council (NJC) Mobility Directives;
·       develop a revitalised financial and administration policy framework to align with TB direction where possible;
·       establish a plan of action with appropriate prioritization for the development of new FMPIs, the retirement of old FMPIs and the amendment of FMPIs which still apply but require changes;
·       consult with key stakeholders to validate the framework and plan of action;
·       work with, guide and perform quality assurance on the work of, FMPS’s senior financial policy officers in the development of new and amendment of existing FMPIs;
·       draft and finalize the development of complex FMPIs
·       prepare reports and presentations for use in the consultation of key stakeholders and to report to the CRA’s Commissioner, Board of Management, Agency Management Committee and Branch Management Committee;
·       prepare and present policy review status updates and policy option analysis and recommendations for the CFO and other executives in smaller forums;
·       define business requirements for consequential SAP system changes and serve as subject matter expert in supporting the CRA’s training and development group in the update or creation of learning solutions
·       as required, to meet high demand, research and write policy interpretations and policy position papers respecting policies in effect within the CRA at the time of the inquiry.
·       make recommendations on lessons learned and best practices to apply to future reviews.
Deliverables and Acceptance Criteria:
3.3.1 Deliverables and quality assurance
The resource will deliver one or more draft versions and approved final documents to the Manager, FMPS. Weekly status reports and meetings, as provided for in 3.3.4 Meetings, will be used to monitor progress against established timelines, to review methodology, provide guidance and perform quality assurance of deliverables. Adjustments will be communicated at meetings or through additional contact/communication.
3.3.2 Signoff and acceptance of deliverables
The Project Coordinator will sign off on deliverables that are received and of acceptable quality. Deliverables that do not meet the expected quality will be returned to the Contract team for rework to satisfy stakeholder requirements.
3.3.3 Location of work
The Resource will perform the required primarily at the Manager, FMPS’s offices located at 250 Albert Street and for meetings and consultations, other CRA premises within the Headquarters Region (National Capital Region). Where required for 3.3.4 Meetings, the office of the Manager, FMPS will be the default location unless otherwise stipulated.
3.3.4 Meetings
The resource will initially meet in person with the Manager, FMPS and the Director, SPCD at the outset of the contract to ensure understanding of all parties. Subsequent meetings will occur primarily in person at the following intervals:
·        Status meetings – Weekly with the Manager
·        Stakeholder meetings – According to project plan and as required
·        Additional contact/communication – When required by any party
·        Milestones – Will be defined as tasks are assigned
3.3.5 Documentation format
The resource will be provided working documentation in a Microsoft Office 2013 or earlier version format and is expected to provide draft and final product versions in the same format. 
3.3.6 Document security
The resource will be provided working documentation in a method that complies with CRA standards and is feasible for the easy transmission of related files and documents.
3.3.7 Language
All document provisions and submissions will be in English. Presentations and meetings should have the option of either official language (English and/or French) as dictated by the attending participants’ needs. While quality control over translations for large documents will be performed by CRA resources, the resource is expected to conduct quality assurance over translations of presentations, short memos and emails when these are required in both official languages.
If your CV can demonstrate all of the above requirements, please contact
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Position Type Contract
Application Deadline April 28, 2017
Experience Required 10+ years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required Bachelors