Professional Consulting - Ottawa

MaxSys is currently seeking A Program Administrator, Senior for our federal client!
Classification: Senior, Program Administrator
Clearance: Enhanced Reliability
Duration: Contract
Language: Fluent
Location: Ottawa

o Proof of post-secondary education must be submitted with the candidate’s proposal
o 1 year using HOGG ROBINSON Group Software
o 1 year performing invoice management duties in a Canadian Federal Government office environment
o 5 years of performing tasks similar to those described in the Program Administration classification description (two references required)
o Proficiency in both official languages at the intermediate level (reading, writing, speaking)
o 1 year experience providing client service and policy interpretation advice to clients in a professional office environment
o Demonstrated experience in processing relocation files and applying the national joint council (NJC) Relocation Directive
o Demonstrated experience in providing client service and policy interpretation advice to clients in a professional office environment.
o Demonstrated experience in responding to client enquiries related to pay, benefits and/or compensation by phone and in writing.
Typical duties include…
a) Interpret and apply the National Joint Council Relocation Directive for relocation of DIAND, Indian Oil and Gas Canada, CANNOR, and potentially Polar Knowledge Canada employees;
b) Provide recommendations regarding the approval of the keys steps in relocation, including the authorization and the closure of relocation files with Brookfield Global Relocation Services;
c) Review and audit invoices received for relocation files;
d) Provide direction, advice and information on the National Relocation program service delivery, performance and operational issues;
e) Maintain a database of relocation transferees and act as the primary liaison person for employees, Brookfield Global Relocation Services, DIAND human resource advisors, Central Removal Services, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and other departmental personnel;
f) Provide training and information on the Department’s roles and responsibilities in employee relocation;
g) Participate in the design, development and delivery of instructional material and policies (user guides, training manuals, informational PowerPoint presentation, etc.);
h) Submit the requisition form to Central Removal Services for the shipment of effects, shipment of personal motor vehicle and storage of effects;
i) Report the Brookfield Global Relocation Services tax benefits summary to the departmental concerned officials for appropriate follow-up;
j) Consult with internal clients and stakeholders on a regular basis to anticipate and validate evolving requirements;
k) Analyse requirements and develop strategies and options to meet objectives;
l) Provide advice on the selection, implementation and management of relocation strategies;
m) Investigate and research special cases, conducting detailed analysis into existing processes and practices to determine shortcomings, areas of non-compliance, inadequacy of procedures and other tools, knowledge and /or skill gaps.
n) Coordinate the commercial transportation for transferees

If you meet all the above requirements, please send your resume today to Clara Whittaker at: 
*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline September 29, 2017
Experience Required 1 year
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required College Diploma