Professional Consulting - Ottawa

We are currently looking for a Senior Procurement Specialist for our federal clients.
Performing the following but not limited to duties:
• Provide briefings and reports associated with DGLEPM contracting to DGLEPM personnel as required. Developing, reviewing and maintaining the Equipment Support List database;
• Review solicitation documents and contracts, identify potential problems and provide advice and recommended solutions to DLP personnel. Performing a physical examination of the equipment to verify the contents of the technical data package;
• Assist in the development and implementation of the DGLEPM contract quality control concept of operations
• Develop, plan and propose strategic recommendations to increase efficiencies and effectiveness pertaining to DGLEPM business operations pertaining to procurement, contracting, business planning and financial reporting.
• Developing, deploying and evaluating policies, procedures, standards, initiatives, metrics, forms and tools associated with contracting.
• Verifying and confirming if the contracting process (policies, procedures and standards) are being adhered to within DGLEPM.
• Tracking and reporting on the implementation of corrective actions associated with contracting and confirming that corrective actions effectively addressed the root-causes of the non-conformances.
• Contributing to the development and implementation of an integrated approach to quality, risk and performance management associated with procurement, contracting, business planning and financial reporting for the organization. 
• Liaising with and interviewing quality management specialists from other organizations.

 *Must hold a valid security clearance (Secret).
• Minimum of seventy-two (72) months demonstrated experience within the last one hundred and twenty (120) months in performing formal quality assurance reviews as their primary function for Federal Government contracts over $25,000, covering each of the following areas:
a) Terms and Conditions;
b) SACC clauses;
c) Statements of Work;
d) Bid Evaluations;
e) Basis of Payments; and
f) Logistics.
• Minimum of ninety-six (96) months of demonstrated experience within the last one hundred and twenty (120) months in developing and/or reviewing each of the following procurement and contracting documentation for the Federal Government of Canada:
a) Requirements;
b) Procurement Plans;
c) Statement of Work;
d) Risk Assessments;
e) Technical Documents;
f) Request for Proposals;
g) Bid Evaluations; and
h) Contracts.
• Minimum of sixty (60) months demonstrated experience within the last one hundred and twenty months (120) in using a MS Windows operating system based computer, including but not limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint for the creation of briefing notes, minutes, letters, memorandums, spreadsheets and presentations.
*Please note, only qualified candidates will be contacted and the position could be filled prior to closing date. Thank you.*

Position Type Contract
Application Deadline November 13, 2018
Experience Required 3 years
Job Duration 5 years
Education Required High School