Information Technology - Toronto

*Resource Profile:

One (1) Senior Technical Lead
Technical Advice and Expertise
Identifies systems requirements and leads analysis and design of solutions for large scale, multi-vendor systems development initiatives, including conceptual, logical and physical systems designs; purchase, modification and integration of commercial systems; systems integration related to Enterprise and Partner systems
Assesses client demands across the organization and is responsible for the planning, design, acquisition, implementation and continuous evolution of cost effective multi-vendor large scale/enterprise reusable IT assets and services available to I&IT projects.
Oversees the research and evaluation of the technical components in the acquisition of software, hardware, technology, systems and products
Provides guidance and direction on the deployment of I&IT systems including technology, infrastructure implementation, IT capacity requirements, service level agreements and organizational and business process changes.
Develops system performance metrics and ensures systems are implemented according to policies, standards, processes and practices
Participates in/conducts feasibility studies, architecture reviews of new IT systems or modification/redevelopment of legacy systems.
Provides senior level strategic and authoritative advice to support system development and implementation standards, policy, procedures, methodologies and frameworks.
Systems Solution Planning and Delivery
Assists in the planning, design and development of large scale systems projects ensuring compliance with IT policies, standards and guidelines. 
Develops and presents technical proposals/business cases for systems projects and ensures compliance with WSIB IT policies, standards and guidelines, including IT architectural design reviews and approvals.
Advises and guides the technology components of the SDLC lifecycle for large scale/enterprise-wide systems solution projects including COTS and/or managed services; identifies and resolves complex issues; provides senior level technical advice and guidance to clients and project staff.
Applies industry and/or WSIB standard project management and control processes; quality assurance and quality control techniques.
*Knowledge & Skills:

Mandatory Requirements:

Completion of post-secondary education in computer science or related discipline or equivalent combination of education and experience.
10+ years of direct experience in Senior Technical Lead role in Information Technology or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

General Requirements:

Knowledge of information/information technology management concepts in order to provide practical expertise to meet complex and/or diverse enterprise needs; ensure integrity of IT business, technology, applications, security and/or information; and ensure/monitor compliance with WSIB technology directives, policies and standard.
Knowledge of industry standards to provide state of the art advice, including systems analysis, design, development, testing and implementation methods, tools and techniques; technology data, and networking techniques.
Relevant state of the art multi-platform I&IT technology; I&IT technology research and development, implementation, operations management, security, and emerging technologies, in order to assess client needs, lead projects, and provide expertise. 
Applying leading IT industry best practices and standards in systems architecture, software and systems engineering , design and development tools and techniques, and software lifecycle methodologies to provide timely delivery of projects and subject matter expertise to development teams across the organization.
Written and oral communication skills to present IT strategies and IT solutions to senior management; advise regarding approaches to contentious systems design/implementation issues; deliver presentations to clients and stakeholders; interview highly skilled IT professionals; lead planning sessions with IT groups and stakeholders.
Job has technology specific requirements in areas such as: in-depth knowledge of the information technologies, applications, industry and computer languages specific to the program system(s) currently in use within WSIB

*Resource Responsibilities:

Identifying complex systems requirements, resolving complex issues, determining areas of risk and recommending innovative alternatives and options for resolution to meet client needs, having impacts on client program delivery and enterprise IT objectives.
Determining system solutions acquisition/implementation costs and procurement/resourcing strategies; establishes systems solution requirements/priorities/directions to support system integration, alignment and compliance with technology strategies, policies and standards.
Liaising directly with internal and external client/stakeholder groups to resolve issues, clarify IT requirements and provide information on progress/status of system solution acquisition initiatives.
Gathering of all technical systems requirements for the design, acquisition, development, testing and deployment activities of complex I&IT projects, including all requirements for the compliance with I&IT standards and policies
Providing technical guidance and recommendations based on established and emerging industry standards, trends, guidelines and policies to IT project teams, senior management and client stakeholders toward the development and delivery of systems solutions.
Provides technical leadership, guidance and direction to multi-disciplinary teams/project staff on all aspects of systems planning, design, development, implementation, and ongoing support

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Position Type Contract
Application Deadline May 26, 2019
Experience Required 10+ years
Job Duration Temporary
Education Required N/A